xymonau (Dez Pain)

I am an amateur photographer and graphic hobbyist. With nearly 2 million downloads elsewhere, my images have been used in projects worldwide.

Please let me know how you are using my images in the comment box.

You need my permission to redistribute my images in part or whole, for money or for free. Please read the terms of use and image licence.

When crediting me, please use my real name, Dez Pain. My avatar is me 30 years ago.

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Nachname: Dez Pain
Geschlecht: weiblich
Stadt: Somewhere in Queensland
Land: Australia
Kamera: Panasonic Lumix FZ 1
RGBstock seit: October 2009
Galerie zur Gallerierss feed
Fotos online: 6349
Downloads: 321381
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abstractual 2

abstractual 2

1700px * 1200px


leer liniert Papier ein

leer liniert Papier ein

1728px * 1794px


Wellen 6

Wellen 6

2100px * 1500px


Blumengrenze 10

Blumengrenze 10

1600px * 1200px


Wellen 7

Wellen 7

2100px * 1500px


Welle Rand 3

Welle Rand 3

3600px * 2580px


Grunge befleckt Papier 3

Grunge befleckt Papier 3

2024px * 1518px



comment written by xymonau to maria0505 on Aug 12, 2019

Love it!

photo by maria0505

comment from garthy to xymonau on Aug 10, 2019

Thank you for uploading!

photo by xymonau

comment written by garthy

forum message edited by xymonau on Aug 10, 2019

If the images are of people, you do need a model release. Many images of people on here have a model release, so you just need to contact them.

There are some images where the face of the person is covered and they would not be identifiable. I have some in my gallery, but the kids might be too young. And they are sad photos. LUSI has photos of teenagers leaping in the air and generally having a good time. I guess it depends on the tone you want to portray. This link orders the images by reverse date so they can be found more easily, but she has many photos of people. http://www.rgbstock.com/gallery/lusi/reverse

Regardless of where you get your images, if people are able to be recognised, a model release is necessary. Sometimes drawings or cartoons work well. SISCIEL has a lot of little characters in their gallery. http://www.rgbstock.com/gallery/SisCiel

Here is a link discussing the reasons for releases. https://improvephotography.com/48423/model-release/

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comment written by xymonau to Gramps on Aug 03, 2019


photo by Gramps

comment written by xymonau to Alex_Avramescu on Jul 30, 2019

A beautiful photo!

photo by Alex_Avramescu


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